Friday, November 2, 2007

Fun Cupcakes For Birthdays

Just finished decorating all these cupcakes for the birthdays of 2 boys from a children home. Had so much fun 'drawing' on the cakes. Delivering them now. Hope they will be delighted to see the cakes. The centre 2 rows of each cupcake has a Smarties chocolate candy on it.

Close-up of the representation of a family unit. Can guess the content of the pictures? Yup, the father is holding a TV remote control. I've drawn a chain of pearls and the bodies of a gown on the red Smarties to represent the feminine side of a women ;o). The little girl is holding a doll and a flower. The boy is kicking a football.

These are 2 of the 6 cupcakes that make up the name of one of the birthday boys, "Eugene". You can look at it from 2 perspective, it's either a man with a hat or a car with 2 colorful wheels, hehe...

After a day of hard work, someone's ready to call it a day.

zzzzzzz......Oh, he is sound asleep.

I'm not being unfair. The other boy's name is Elisha. He's an athlete and runs for school and state. So, I drew jerseys with his initials on each of of them.

Look at the expressions on the Smarties 'spiders'.

2.5" chocolate moist cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache and decorated with buttercream and Smarties chocolate candies.

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