Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amina & Dora Cake Rainbow Cake

2-recipe 8" rrainbow  cake for 4-year  old  Humaira.
Customer's feedback: Thank you so much for making Humaira's dream cake just as we wanted it to be. Humaira is extremely happy! We could tell when she kept on smiling, hugging & kissing us excitedly. Before she went to sleep last night, she hugged me many times & told me she loves me and thanked me for her Amina & Dora rainbow cake. My family members also were mesmerized with the awesome cake art. Especially my parents "waaaaahhh!" & "woooww!" all the way...hehe...Taste wise I liked it coz it's not too sweet. It tasted like buttercake with different flavor. Dunno if my tongue got it right this time. My family members don't have sweet tooth. So, they said it's a bit sweet to their taste. But for me I think it's not too sweet coz I've tasted other cakes and theirs are a little bit sweeter than this one.
Faith: This awesome feedback makes all the hardwork worth it and brought great meaning to my work. Thank you so much Aida & Izam for the honour to make the cake :) 

Comparison of sugar and plush toys ;)
Humaira's favourite plush toys.

Inside the cake. Photo courtesy of customer.

LV Handbag Cake

Sculpted  from  2 recipes  of moist chocolate  cake
Customer's feedback: They all loved the cake very much.

The Avengers Cake

2-recipe  10" round  moist  chocolate  cake  with plastic  toys  provided  by  customer.
Tristan then at 1 year old and Tristan now at 7 year old. How time flew by so fast.
Customer's feedback: Cake was good. Always make everybody happy.

PhPhotos  courtesy  of  customer.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Avengers Cupcakes

Small  Souffle  vanilla  cupcake. For Tristan to celebrate his birthday with his school friends before Raya holiday.

Vegan Cake

1.5-recipe  9" square  eggless  non dairy  chocolate  cake  with vegan fondant.
Customer's feedback: Hi Faith...it was different but nice....My daughter had a good time peeling off the little snails, etc...She had some of the cake and gave us the thumbs up. Thanks.

Durian Cake

Light  sponge  cake  layered  with durian  custard.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Raya Double Chocolate Chips Cookies

Baked  with  premium  quality  dark  chocolate  and  dark  chocolate  chips, cocoa  powder  and  rich  butter.
Price  : RM35 per tub