Cake Flavors                                                 Recommended Filling

Classic Vanilla Buttercake                                   VCB
Orange Buttercake                                                VCB
Lemon Buttercake                                                 VCB
Coffee Buttercake                                               VCB + CPB
Chocolate Choc Chip Buttercake                       VCB + CCPB
Moist Chocolate Cake                                          VCB/CG
Chocolate Mud Cake                                            VCB/CG
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Cake           CG/VCB/VCB+CPB
Red Velvet                                                             CG/VCB+CPB
Apple Yogurt                                                           VCB
Strawberry Yogurt                                                  VCB
Lemon Banana Poppy Seed                                VCB
Carrot Walnut                                                         VCB
Carrot Pineapple                                                   VCB
Sugee                                                                      VCB

VCB = Faith's Vanilla Crusting Buttercream
CPB = Creamy Peanut Butter
CCPB = Creamy Choc Peanut Butter
CG = Premium Chocolate Ganache

Special Request (RM160 for 1 recipe with a message banner)
Allergy (Eggless; dairy-free):
Chocolate Cake with eggless dairy-free chocolate fudge
Banana Oat Cake with dairy-free vanilla buttercream
Sugarless Bundt Cake(with bananas, carrot, dried apricot, walnut and pumpkin seeds)
Chocolate Cake (no egg no dairy)
Vanilla Butter Cake (no egg with butter & milk)

Cupcake Flavors

Orange Choc Chip
Pink Velvet
Blueberry Red Velvet

Note: - Kindly choose only cake flavor from my list above. 
          - For vegetarian cakes advanced notice of one month is required.