Location: Taman Melawati, KL
All prices quoted are for group class with a minimum of 3 students and maximum of 6 students.  Personal classes will be charged according to class content and duration of class.
Please email to inquire.  Kindly specify in your email what types of cookies/cakes you want to learn.

Beginner Baking Classes
1) Cookies:  RM100 per hour (Demo/hands-on)
2) Novelty cookies:  RM100 per hour (Demo/hands-on)
3) Cupcakes with buttercream piping:  RM100 per recipe (Demo/hands-on)
4) Continental cakes - baking, torting, frosting and decorating:  Starts from RM150 per recipe (demo on baking and the rest hands-on).
5) Cheesecakes:  Non-baked RM150 per recipe; baked RM250 per recipe (hands-on)

Decorating Class (Fully hands-on)
1) Novelty Cookies:  RM100 per hour
2) Butter Cream:  Beginner - RM100 per hour; Advanced - starts from RM150 per hour
3) Fondant with ready-made fondant:  Basic RM250; Intermediate: RM350; Advanced: Subject to design

Figurine Modelling Class (fully hands-on)
Starts from RM100.

Sugar-flower Making Class (Fully hands-on; excludes required tools which students have to purchase on the spot)
1) Basic: eg. 6 ways of making roses, single flower on mini cakes, airbrushing etc.- Starts from RM150
2) Advanced: wired spray main flower, fillers, buds and leaves - Starts from RM350
3) Indonesian paste - Starts from RM300

5-DAY Business Course
Syllabus covers:
 1) Baking.
Learn to make buttercake, carrot cake and chocolate cake. 3 different techniques will be covered.

2) Decorating.
(i) Leveling, frosting, filling and torting round and square cakes.
   2 mediums will be used; i.e. buttercream and chocolate ganache.
(ii) Learn techniques of covering round cake and square with fondant.
(iii) Structure.
Stacking, support structure, storage and transportation.
(iv) Finishing touches.
Board covering, embossing, crimping, gold painting, ribbon.

3) Making gumpaste flowers.
- Making gumpaste. Includes coloring.
- Making flowers - wire, frilling, color, steam, shine.
- Flowers covers 1 open rose, 1 half open rose, 1 David Austin Rose, flower buds, filler flowers and leaves.
Duration: 5 days
Time: 9am to 5pm with one hour lunch break
(Lunch, instant coffee and tea will be provided.)
Tools: All tools will be on loan during duration of class.
Fee: RM5,000.00

Please email to enquire for further details.