Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chocolate Gift Box

Just did this cake for a 10-year old girl who celebrated her birthday yesterday evening.

The cake was placed at the buffet table during the party. Everybody thought it was a gift box. Some children couldn't resist the temptation and 'stole' some Smarties as they passed by the table! Children and parents were especially curious of how the cover was made.

The little fellow sitting on the 'cover' is a solar energized display toy. The head will move from side to side when there is light ;0)

Children having a feast on the chocolates after candle blowing 'ceremony'.

Descriptions of cake:
Double recipes moist and dense chocolate cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache and covered with fondant. Size: 5 1/2 " (excluding cover) x: 9".
Decorations: Kit Kat Bites, Smarties, silver dragees and non-edible ribbon.

Please contact me for price and ordering.

Want to learn how to make this cake? Do contact me for further details.

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