Monday, October 22, 2007

Blue & White Stars

Did this cake as a gift for a 70-year old friend I'm fond of. He is a retired headmaster and we used to serve together in some church works. I was invited to his 70th birthday party. So, I decided to do a 2-tier lemon banana poppy seed cake with double heights. I contemplated on the design and decided to make it colorful and full of stars and moons. To me, what better way to celebrate a 70th birthday than to celebrate it with colors and an explosion of stars which represent the prime of one's life. It's not easy to live till 70 and it deserves a big celebration!

Description: Size of top tier - 6" (D) x 4" (H), bottom tier - 9" (D) x 4" (H)
Lemon Banana Poppy Seed Cake layered with buttercream and covered with fondant, fondant stars and moons.

Price excluding delivery: RM250

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