Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tinkerbell Cake

I feel so honored to be able to do birthday cakes for the same person year after year. This one is another kid whom I made a Jungle Theme Cake which became a hit last year. This is her 3rd birthday cake and Danielle's mom chose Tinkerbell for her and named a few of her favorite things for inclusion into the theme. They are ladybirds, bees, flowers, red mushrooms, worms, snails and mouse!!! I added butterflies for her. Love the color combination of this cake =D
1.5-recipe to make Tinkerbell's skirt and 7"x3" round chocolate cake.
Customer's comments:
The cake was beautiful! My daughter loved it very much!
One thing for sure we will get you to do iman's cake next year!
Thanks so much Faith for the beautiful cake u made for iman. Appreciate
it a lot

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