Friday, November 19, 2010

Teddy Cupcakes

A gentleman ordered this set of cupcakes for his girlfriend's 21st birthday but when the day of her birthday drew near he received the news of their breakup. However, instead of canceling the order he wanted to give her the present anyhow.
There are mixed feelings in this set - autumn colors with gold, a tinge of green, and bright red for life.
12 Standard Souffle Chocolate Cupcakes frosted with chocolate ganache and covered with fondant.
Customer's feedback: Thanks for the cupcake, it is so delicious and nice. Thank you so much :)
Faith: I was surprised he tasted the cupcake. So, I asked and he replied as follow:
Ya. We sorted everything out already. We are kinda like together again. The cake is key too :) (published with permission from sender)
It is
indeed very encouraging to know that my work blessed someone =D

Have to put my limited technical skill with my new camera to use as the set was completed and collected at night. Don't know how to put all of them in focus :~?

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