Monday, July 26, 2010

Yan Xin's 1st Birthday Cake

Time really flies :p I did Yan Xin's full moon packages last year and now she is turning one!
Mummy likes the design I did for Little Girl With Teddies design but with smaller cake. This is what I come out with.
1.5-recipe 6" and 8" Moist Chocolate Cake
Customer's feedback: Yan Xin's cake - the cake was gorgeous, and I was amazed by the intricate details on the little girl, right down to her two front teeth. The whole outlook was really sweet, and fits a little girl to the tee. The cake itself was super rich and yummy. may guests were impressed with both the look and taste and had said that they'll get your contact from me when they need to order a cake in future.

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