Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Girl With Teddies Cake

5-recipe Moist Chocolate Cake filled and frosted with chocolate ganache.
Customer's feedback:
I can see the amount of effort u have put into making the cake. The cake was PERFECT!...Simply loved everything about it, the design, colours, teddies and especially the GIRL...she's really gorgeous...The cake tasted great, even the icing was nice and not too sweet. Usually we will throw away the icing from the cake and then have it, but here I did not see any wasted icings..I had no chance of tasting the cupcakes as it was snapped within seconds :). The cake was also a hit and centre of attraction at the party :) It was really sad for me to see the cake being cut as it was so beautiful :) thanks once again and i'm glad i came across your blog before my daughter's birthday.

I just fell in love with this little girl.

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