Friday, November 20, 2009

Grandpa & Grandma's Birthday Cake

Two sisters, Samantha and Cherie ordered this cake for their grandpa and grandma's birthday celebration tomorrow.
2-recipe Coffee Butter Cake with coffee butter cream, gumpaste figurines and 'yuan bao'. 'Yuan bao' and well-wishing words painted with gold dust. This is a spin-off of my "Emperor's Birthday Cake" ;o)
Note: This is the first time I use reduced sugar butter cream. It is so soft, oily and hard to handle. I won't use it again for another fondant covered cake.

The sisters were in their teens and one of them was sitting for her SPM. It is so sweet of them to want to give their grannies a surprise gift. I decided put in "We Love You" (in Chinese) for them.

I forgot about the ginseng. It was tempting to just forget about it since the cake already looked great. However, after looking at it again and again I decided the ginseng must be in. Otherwise, the $$$ signs are just too loud. It's not good to wish the grannies only wealth excluding health even though the Chinese characters already include all. So, here is the 'amended' version, hehe...
Customer's feedback:
The cake is so cute! Can't wait to show my grandparents later. Thanks a lot.

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