Sunday, November 22, 2009

GG - A Robert Pattinson's fan

Aida's sister, GG turns 17 yesterday. GG got so stressed over SPM and big sister said want to cheer her up with a cake decorated with things she likes. GG likes photography and Twilight New Moon and off course, Robert Pattison. Her favorite colors are red and black.
Since I don't do custom icing image printing we cheated. I bought a whole entertainment magazine in BM just for his photo 8P
Single-recipe Calamansi Poppy Seed Cake with gumpaste mini camera and picture frame, silver dusted alphabets, flowers and star.
Customer's feedback:
We love it, the cake is not too sweet. (this time, we didn't eat the fondant, hehehe..)

most of us had 2nd helping! (p.s: including izam...)
as for the look, after slicing it, my mom said it looks like a dragon fruit (coz of the poppy seeds & red fondant).
my sis,GG, couldn't help herself from grinning ears to ears upon seeing the miniatures (especially Robert's pic). =]
tq faith! ^_^

Photo courtesy of Aida Ismail.

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