Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little Flowers Pink Wedding Cake

This one was ordered by a lady who is going to give it to her friend as a wedding present this evening. I like her style. She just sent me the design and put full trust in me for doing the rest ;o)
8-recipe Classic Vanilla Buttercake.
Size: 6"x4", 9"x4" and 12"x4"
Close to 300 handmade gumpaste flowers.
Customer's Feedback: The cake was well done - design nice and taste great too. According to the bride her husband doesn't like to eat cake but he had 2 slices that day!

Board covered with fondant with butterfly impressions.

Butterflies highlighted with dark pink lustre dust.

Updates on 5 July 2009: I delivered the cake to Dewan Perdana Felda yesterday evening and took few pictures of the hall and stage.
This is the stage with the main table setting just below it.

The dancers were having rehearsal and I stopped to watch. The best dancer and most enjoyable to watch in the group was the guy in the front row with a pony tail and wearing tight blue jeans and floral shirt. He danced with vigor, joy and fun. That's what I will look for in a performance ;o)

Very beautiful and impressive!