Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zuraida's Sister's Wedding

Last year Zuraida ordered her purple theme wedding cake, 'hantaran' cake and wedding cupcake favors from me. This time round she ordered the maroon and white theme for her sister's wedding this Saturday.
When I was doing the maroon color gumpaste roses I was wondering how to make the cake look more contemporary with that dark color. The polka dots really do the trick. I really love the overall design of this cake/cupcake combo wedding cake. I would have prefer it on a nicer self-made boards but the customer has a budget to meet. Oh..the glasses are mock up for my photo-take. Zuraida is getting her own champagne glasses 8)
6"x4" round Moist Chocolate Cake with crusting buttercream filling and frosting before covering with fondant. 22 Big Windmill Cup Classic Vanilla Butter Cupcakes with fondant and hand-made gumpaste roses. Decorations: fondant accents & ribbon.

I'm so happy with the look of the roses - gorgeous. Self-praise is self-disgrace eh? Kahkahkah....=D

Zuraida requested for a something similar like her hantaran cake except to put a couple figurines on top. I got this idea from Bristish cake designer, Lyndy Smith. Cute slant smiles :o)
Single-recipe 8" round Classic Vanilla Buttercake with fondant and gumpaste figurines.

Side of cake painted with lustre dust.

For designs, quotations and order please email or call Faith.