Sunday, June 21, 2009

Powerpuff Girls for Father's Day?

This is a repeat of my earlier set. Just in lighter colors as requested by the customer. Why Powerpuff for Father's Day? Beats me 8-)
36 Small Souffle Jaffa Chocolate Cupcakes with orange flavor crusting buttercream and fondant decorations.
Customer's Feedback:
The cupcakes look very very lovely and cute ;). We took so many pictures of the cupcakes before we decided to eat them in the evening. Thanks for your recommendation of jaffa chocolate too! Its really nice and we've decided to order it for the next round too. The cake itself is not enuf since we order the small souffle and as usual, the cupcakes are sweet (which is expected). Would be good if only a thin layer of cream is spread on top of the cake instead. Nonetheless thumbs up for the cuppies!