Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hantaran Cake & Cuppies in a rescue bid

Received a call for help on Friday late afternoon to rescue the Hantaran of a wedding to be held on the next day noon. I was told something had gone wrong with the original cakes ordered from someone else. Fortunately, I had a cake for another order on Sunday. So, it was yes to the rescue. However, they had to settle with whatever I had at hand at the hour as the shops were closed by the time things were finalized.
I baked the cuppies immediately after dinner and started decorating the main cake thereafter. Wah lah....everything was done by 9pm. Fast! Right?? Proud of me? I was also proud of myself, hahaha.... Just being conceited ;P
The truth was I had almost everything on hand except the cuppies. The 6" cake, the buttercream and the fondant were already prepared that day for the next project on Saturday. So, not a big hassle lor ;o)
Customer's feedback: Yes! They love the cake!! Thank you for helping us at last minute. Ur cake make it all!