Sunday, April 5, 2009

Farm Theme Cake

This order came from my long-time customer, Danielle (I did her wedding cakes). The center piece was a 're-bake' since I took hers and turned it into the rescue Hantaran cake earlier.
I missed Danielle's big order for the fullmoon of her first baby as I was away on holiday. The dates clashed ler... :-( I really wanted to do that order as she had great ideas, haha....
This is for sort of a combined celebrations.
Center piece: 6"x4" orange butter cake
Surrounding cuppies: 12 Standard Souffle and 12 Small Souffle Jaffa Chocolate Cupcakes. Half decorated with piggies and half with puppies. Standard Souffle with 3Ds while Small Souffle with 2Ds.
Customer's feedback: A BIG Applause for your cute and creative figurine creation of the 3D piggie and puppies and the 2D too... The cute animals itself get the children very excited and WOW! over the cakes...
The flavour of Jaffa Chocolate is yummy - blend very well with the sweetness of the fondant icing because the cake is not that sweet. Everyone seems not bother about the flavour because they are so amaze and interested in their figurine... haha... The children and even adults were busying picking their figurine.
As for the 6" cake... we have not cut them because it's so pretty designed. hehee... the birthday children blew the candles but didn't have the cutting ceremony.
Thanks, We all had a great time enjoying the beauty of the cake and it compliment well with the flavor too.
We will be booking you for more orders for special occasions...
p/s I keep on going to your blog to enjoy the look of the figurine...

Back view.

Top view.

The center piece alone.

Pig Papa, Pig Mama and Pig baby.

A close-up on cute little baby.

'Wish this is edible.'

'Sleep or play?'

'Ouch! You again!'

Happy piggy.

Piggy having a good laugh.


'Hope it's not that flea again.'

'Don't you dare wake me up before meal time!'

'Forget about the show. I'm having so much fun here.'

'How long do I have to freeze? This is not fair!!'