Monday, November 5, 2007

Wedding Favours

Received an order for 200 lunch boxes for a church wedding this coming Saturday. Each lunch box will consist of 2 decorated cupcakes, a decorated cookie as wedding favour and a tetra pack drink. Just finished decorating all 200 pieces of cookies yesterday.

Here are photos of some of the cookies. I started experimenting with a few designs then decided on one design on the first day. When I continued the next day I decided to experiment with some other designs and changed the second batch with another design. Since this is a complimentary item I gave to the couple I have the liberty to choose any design I fancy :p

Why purple? Because the colour theme for the wedding is purple and cream.

These are from the 2nd batch design:

These are some of the experimental designs.

Trying out on some gown designs.

The tuxedo could look better with a more diluted icing. I was too tired to do more. By the way, there were only 5 tuxedo and 5 bridal gown cookies ;o)

The packed cookies ready to go into the lunch boxes.

Price subject to size of cookies, designs, number of colors and strength of colors.

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