Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some points to consider when choosing a fondant covered cake

Fondant is basically made of icing sugar and it is in a dough like texture. It is normally used to cover cakes to give them a perfect smooth look. With development and innovations, fondant is now widely used to create novelty cakes of a wide variety of designs.

Fondant covered cakes are becoming more popular in our country then before. It's a great tool to cake decorators in creating unique and outstanding designs you wish to have. However, there are certain constrains for fondant to look its best in our humid and hot weather. From my experience it's hard to keep fondant from sweating in our normal room temperature. Despite that fondant is a good choice for good look.

To maintain the good look of a fondant covered cake it is best to keep it in an air-conditioned room at all time. If not, keep it under fan at a cool dry place. If there are perishable fillings in the cake like cream cheese, custard, fresh fruits, etc, the cake has to be refrigerated. In such case, be warned once the cake is taken out there will be condensation on the surface and it will affect the other sugar decorative stuff. Some may even droop and color-bleed. 'Warming' up in an air-conditioned room may reduce that.

Here's a link I found which contains useful information on storing a fondant covered cake. Do check it out at

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