Monday, November 12, 2007

Mixture of Novelty Cookies

These are part of about 50 cookies I did today for my youngest son's last day of school at kindergarten this Friday. I bought a tumbler of 101 cookie cutters 3 weeks ago. Now I got the chance to put at least half of them to use ;-)

These are really hard work as the icing dries slower in the evening than at mid day. If the first color doesn't dry properly before the second color is applied, the 2 colors will bleed into one another...sigh... I've already spent more than 5 hours just on decorating them! Will post more pictures when I'm done with the rest tomorrow.

By the way, for those who are interested to order for Christmas there are some suitable ones in this batch.

Price starts from RM2.00 for a simple design 2" width cookie with a maximum of 2 colors. Just call me for sample photos of cookie bouquets and for designs and quotations.

Note: The cookies are iced with royal icing with raw egg white. Other icing options: Chocolate melt or royal icing with meringue powder (imported commercially processed egg white powder). The 2 options will require an additional RM1.00 for each cookie.

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