Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Weaved Basket Series

Christmas weaved basket series. RM3.00 each. They come in box of 16 and box of 25. Bulk order could be packed in a gold or silver box of two cupcakes or four cupcakes respectively. Free boxes and packing for minimum order of 400 for box of 4 cupcakes and 500 for box of 2 cupcakes respectively. Any number below that an additional RM0.50 per box will be charged for cost of box and packing. Alternatively you may select to order the boxes and pack the cupcakes yourself. In that case, the cupcakes will be packed in a box of 25 pieces each.

The cupcakes can also be packed individually in a disposable plastic container with an additional cost of RM0.50 each. However, I do not stock these plastic containers. Do order in advance.

Choice of colors: you may select colors from this series or other colors of your choice.
Choice of other designs: you could request for other designs not in this series. Please email your specifications.

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