Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chinese New Year 2016 Cookies List

 Hi there! It's the time of the year again. Chinese New Year 2016 falls on 8th (Monday) and 9th of February (Tuesday). Here is my list of cookies selection for this year:
To place orders kindly email or what's app Faith Lee 0136152430
Closing Date: 16 January 2016
Delivery Date: 27 January 2016
Last day for self-collection: 30 January 2016
 Early bird offer:
- Almond Crisp RM32 per tub and Cornflakes Cookies RM27 per tub for order WITH PAYMENT BEFORE 1 January 2016.

Pick up or Delivery:
Get Go-Getters to pick up your orders and deliver right to your doorstep in good order with no hassle. Log on to their website They are economical and efficient and no minimum order restriction.

Delivery by Faith & team: 
Minimum order for delivery is RM300.
Delivery Fee:
FOC within 6km, RM35 within KL & vincinity, RM50-RM60 elsewhere

1) *Pineapple Jam Rolls (pure butter) (MOST POPULAR) - RM36
2) *Nyonya Open tarts (no buttery taste) - RM35
3) *Almond Ferrero - RM26 
4) *Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Delights - RM35
5) *Oreo White Chocolate Cookies - RM35
6) *Almond Crisp - RM35
7) *Mixed Grains Almond Crisp - RM35
8) *Peanut Crisp - RM28
9) *Cornflakes Cookies (ALL TIME BEST SELLER) - RM28
10) Cheesy Aloha (a touch of pineapple jam filling) - RM28
11) *Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM25
12)*Kuih Kapet - RM26
13) Kuih Rose (蜜蜂窝)- RM25
14) *Butter Cookies - RM25
15) *Seaweed Taufu Chips - RM25
  (it is so good you can finish the whole tub at one sitting)
16) Dragon Cookies (Large) - RM24
17) Green Pea Cookies - RM24
18) Almond Nestum Cookies - RM24
19) Nutty Squares - RM23
20) *Peanut Cookies - RM23
21) *Kuih Bangkit - RM22
22) Gong Xi Fatt Cai - RM35
23) Puppy Love Cookies - RM35
24) Charcoal Peanut Cookies - RM28
25) Green Tea Cookies RM25
26) Cornflake Blossoms RM28
27) Prawn Roll RM25

*Highly recommended by Faith.