Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Barney Cake - Giselle

2-recipe 8" round Eggless and Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake
Customer's feedback:
The party was tiring but after all the joy I have seen in Giselle's eyes just made my day:)
We couldn't thank you enough for the amazing cake you've made for Giselle, at one point we had almost given up on getting an eggless sculpted cake as we were advised that it's never possible to develop one without using egg white, however, you have proven them wrong!
Other than the head of Barney seemed out-of-shape to us, it's indeed a masterpiece of cake, everyone loved it so much and didn't really want to cut it, and we were all impressed by how lovely the animals at the side of the cake looked.
*The cake was a little sweeter than what I expected (might probably due to my family have low tolerance for sweetness) but it tasted better after keeping it in the fridge overnight.
 Giselle's favourite caterpillar bolster.

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