Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chinese New Year Cookies 2012

I just got into the Christmas mood humming away familiar Christmas carols but calls already coming in for Chinese New Year cookies. Yes, the lunar celebration begins on 23rd January 2012, just about a month away from Christmas! I got to churn out my cookie list.....

This year, aside from my all-time favorites I've selected lots of nutty and healthy seed and grain treats as well as new flavors. There are a lot of exciting new flavors to tease your palate and delight your guests. Among them I highly recommend the Seaweed Cookies, Seaweed Taufu Chips and Mixed Grains Almond Crisps with sesame seeds. Yum!!

Here is the list:

1) *Pineapple Jam Rolls (pure butter) - RM30
2) Nyonya Open tarts (no buttery taste) - RM28 New
3) Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM22 New
4) Almond Crisp (200g) - RM22
5) Mixed Grains Almond Crisp - RM22 New
6) Hazelnut Cookies - RM22
7) *Shortbread - RM20
8) Almond Cookies - RM20 New
9) Sugee Almond Cookies - RM20
10) Oat Cookies - RM20
11) Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies - RM20 New
12) Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM20 New recipe
13) Melting Flower - RM20 New
14) Dragon Cookies - RM20 New recipe
15) 'chicken' Cookies (鸡仔饼)RM20 New
16) Cashew Nut Cookies - RM20 New recipe
17) Almond Nestum Cookies - RM20 New
18) *Cornflake Raisin - RM18
19) Peanut Cookies - RM18
20) Coconut Cookies - RM18 New
21) Fried Seaweed - RM18
22) Fried Prawn Rolls - RM18 New
23) Peanut Candy Bar - RM18 New
24) Kuih Kapet - RM18 New recipe
25) Kuih Rose/Rosette Cookies (蜜蜂窝)less sweet - RM20 New
26) Savory Rosette Cookies (咸香蜜蜂窝) - RM20 New
27) *Fried Seaweed Taufu Chips (Large) - RM20 New
28) *Seaweed Cookies (Large) - RM22 New
29) *Arrowroot Chips (Fried Nga Gu) (Large) - RM16 New
30) Kuih Bangkit - RM16 New

Note: Save for Items 1-3 & 24-29 all cookies are packed in my normal red cover good grade plastic containers and seal with cellophane tape.
Delivery fee: RM15 within KL, RM20 within PJ, RM30 Subang Jaya, Sunway...

Closing Date: 31 Dec 2011

Delivery & collection date: 16 Jan 2012
To avoid disappointment please place your order before the closing date.
For order, please email

Here are some of the cookies photos:

(Other photos please refer previous entries under "Festive Cookies")