Saturday, April 9, 2011

Louboutin Shoe Cake

Iryna's 2nd order: 2-recipe 7"x10" oblong Louboutin shoe and box cake. When I first looked at the shoe design sent by Iryna I wanted to faint #-} I actually requested for more designs to choose from, just in case this couldn't be done but was itching in my heart all the time, wanting to attempt this challenging feat. In the end I did it!!!
Cake flavor: Sugee Cake

It was a long process to make the shoe, from creating my own templates and making and drying each part patiently. All was in the mercy of the weather and none could be rushed ahead of the other.

My shoulders ached right up to my neck from the constant kneading and molding and struggling with shaping this shoe. By the time I started piping the dots, my eyes couldn't focus. Thank God all was done well =D

I hand-painted the logo but the next day 2 tiny holes appeared. Don't know what happen!!! Must be the paint melted the sugar....ghrr....I repainted another layer the next day.

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