Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poodle Cake Cupcake Combo

This set is for Zoe's sister, 8-year old Clarissa to share with her Fairview school friends.
Main cake: single-recipe 6" Classic Vanilla Butter Cake
20 Small Souffle Cupcakes - vanilla, orange and chocolate

Cake without the cuppies. Side of cake decorated with fondant semi 3D effect colorful balloons.

This poodle is Clarissa's pet, Caramel. Dusted with gold and bronze. The weather didn't help at all. Had headache throughout the process of doing this order with one more set of cuppies for Clarissa to celebrate with her family (view later post). Took me few days to complete all the figurines.

Cutie cute. Actually the whole set was really trying to do.

Like the sausage dog as well. Black dog dusted with gold.

One more view.

Did 2 of this adorable ones in this set.

So sad =P

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