Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cake Cupcake Tier for Engagement Party

Received this order during Chinese New Year rush. The bride-to-be, Jessie was referred to me by another customer, Karen. Thank you Karen :)
Jessie called me all the way from Shanghai to place the order, making it harder to say "no". I did want to say "no" as her event was held this afternoon on 8 Feb 2011, which means I had to start work as early as the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Well, look at the result. I have no regrets doing this order =D
Top tier: 6" single-recipe Orange Butter Cake
Customer's feedback: Thanks Faith! The cake is amazing, both look and taste. I'm really happy with it....! Have really good comments from guests. We love it :) Thanks so much from both my fiancee and I :)

The whole gang took me hours and days to complete. When the weather is humid and wet the sugar sweats and when it's real hot sugar work dries too fast, sigh.....
Oh ya, why the dog and the pig? They are the Chinese Zodiacs for the couple.

Painstakingly made aeroplane for the groom-to-be who works as pilot for SIA airline.

Near his right hand is a pair of entwine rings.

Red Velvet Cupcake which is gorgeous both in look and in taste :D
Sugar flowers dusted with gold and with pink pearl dust.

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