Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mahjong Cake

Single-recipe Classic Vanilla Butter Mahjong Cake for Eric who likes mahjong, especially gold mahjong.
Mahjong done with gum paste and freehand painted. Alphabets highlighted with gold dust.
Customer's feedback: It was really a BIG surprise for him when we collected the cake from your house this morning. Before the collection day, he thought it is just a normal homemade cake and nothing too special as i never disclosed to him what kind of cake i have ordered for him. At first i wanted to capture the moment when he first looked at the cake but unfortunately he has peeped into the cake while i was exchanging the candles with you.... :(
Before we took out the cake and show it to our friends in the restaurant, he asked his friends to guess what kind of cake i have ordered for him. None of his friends managed to guess it correctly. When we uncovered the cake, all our friends were making the "WAH...." sounds in the room!!! He keeps on telling to his friends he was also so... surprise when he first looked at the cake.
Ok. With regards to the taste of the butter cake, i would like to give you 2 tumbs up!! The butter cake is not oily at all as compared to other normal butter cake.
All in all, i would like to thank you for helping me to make his birthday celebration a wonderful and memoriable one :)
I will definitely place another order in the future :)

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