Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birdcage Hantaran Cake

This one is a 2-recipe 6"x6" birdcage hantaran cake from Adam to Dr Verima.
Flavor: Orange Butter.
Customer's feedback for this cake and the Boxing Hobbyist Cupcakes:
1) cupcakes: they were soooooo adorable everybody loved the fine details u did, especially my fiancé who loved that the sneakers u made look exactly like his reebok shoes! My personal favourite was the boxing gloves! Looks like real miniature ones. Hehe The blue icing had a really nice tone that matched well with all my other hantaran. :) Carrot walnut was just nice, not too sweet which goes very well with the icing. Taste was good, we all loved it.

2) birdcage cake: really beautiful.. It had all the details I wanted..we didn't even want to cut the cake till the next day since we still wanted more time to admire it first :) I loved the orange butter cake..yummy! It wasn't dry and felt almost moist which I like. Everyone who tried loved it..!

Well I think ur definitely going to hear for my orders again soon..:)
Oh btw, I and my family loved your cornflakes cookies too.. We finished it in a day haha

Back view.

Side view.

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