Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mei Mei of Upin Ipin Cake

Single-recipe Vanilla Butter Cake
This is one of the character, Mei Mei from a local famous animated show, Upin Ipin. It's supposed to be a 2D Mei Mei riding her bicycle. Half way through she became 3D :P
Customer's feedback: Hi Faith..our Airis' small birthday party was a success. When Airis saw the cake, she was so excited seeing Mei Mei riding the bicycle. The first thing that attracted her attention was Mei Mei's specs. She even tried to grab the specs but we managed to stop her. The cake was so beautiful. Took so many pictures before cutting the cake. Everybody loved the cake especially the birthday girl n other kids. Thanks for making my little princess happy...Surely will be one of your regular customers. :o)
Wow, I'm delighted reading this sms feedback. Yes, no abbreviations. All of those words in one single sms!! All the hours spent on doing Mei Mei and the bicycle, paintings are worth it

Painted this free-hand. Part of the painting was highlighted with lustre dust.

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