Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boat Shape Hantaran Cake

I did the engagement hantaran cakes for this couple 2 years ago. Fazli's mum booked my date months ahead of time for his wedding hantaran cake. The initial design was a round single-recipe cake but just a day before I baked the cake I was told the tray is in the shape of a boat and the cake should just fit the tray. Easy for transport to Muar.
I was tempted to change the base color of the cake as black for this shape didn't look right even though the wedding theme is black and silver. However, as the flowers were already made in advance to dry and there was not enough time to make a new batch (sky gloomy and crying everyday) I had to stick to the original plan.
Carved from 2 recipes of Orange Butter Cake.

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