Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ladies Cupcakes - Mette

This is one of the two orders I accepted for this week before going for a 5-day course from 25-29 September 2010. Kind of regretted doing the set because it stressed me out but the appreciation from the customer was very rewarding :o)
My customer ordered this set of cuppies as a birthday gift for her Scandinavian customer.
25 Standard Souffle Orange Cupcakes
Customer's feedback:
Birthday lady charms by the birthday cake when she saw the present! The smell of the cup cake is even more tempting and rich. I really thankful Faith for doing this cake for me for such a last min request . Faith you can take my "Freehand" ...order and come out with such a creative team.
Before I pick up the order, I dont even know what to expect... Only thankful and delighted with such an amazing creations birthday cakes.. I am so happy. Sugar Creations thank you.

She said use Chinese character "Happy Birthday" since it's the first time Mette came to orient.

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