Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sculpture Cake & Modelling with Debbie Brown 2010

Sculpture Cake & Modelling with Debbie Brown and The Art of Royal Icing with Eddie Spence was twinned together as a 5-day course from 25 - 29 September 2010. After doing Wilton Method Cake Decorating Intensive Course 1-3 the pace of these 2 courses were rather slow for me.
This is my 1st project learning under Debbie Brown.

Cake carved from a 10" square cake. The head was made of rice crispy treat.

This one was the project we did on 2nd day with Debbie, from 9am to 2pm with a lunch break in between!! That's the pace that almost killed me :P In the end we didn't manage to do Bob's cat.

The original version from Debbie's book has 7 fairies. We were all too tire to complete all 7. Mine has only 2.

That's how it looks when it is completed. Photo taken from Debbie's book.

Debbie's book given to us as a course text book.

Debbie showed us how to do Angelina.

Like her eyes.

Receiving the certificate from Debbie Brown.

I'm so glad the course is over and now I can go back to my work, as a 'home minister' and a cake artist :)