Wednesday, September 8, 2010

21st Birthday Cake - Cindy

Another 21st birthday cake.
3-recipe 6" and 9" Lemon Butter Cake.
Customer's feedback : A lot of people didn't believe it was a cake. They actually thought it was a toy or a replica to a cake. So, i believe that's a good thing~ After the cake cutting ceremony, well it was my first time serving guests a two-tier cake so i didn't know how to cut it because i kept feeling something was blocking the way, and my mum cut it in the end cuz i was too scared to harm the cake, haha :p I asked around, a lot of people say the cake is delicious without the icing. Some say its nice the way it is, i believe they have sweet tooth :)
Thank you again for the cake, I love it so much!

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