Monday, August 9, 2010

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Cake

When I received this order last week I 'chickened' out due to 2 reasons: i) my schedule is really packed since 2 months ago (Raya is so near!) and ii) it was a really short notice! But somehow rather I braved through the torturing yet enjoyable project.
I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome =D
Single-recipe Moist Chocolate Cake for the main cake. 20 Small Souffle Chocolate Cupcakes.
Customer's feedback:
Part I: Faith, the cake looks great :) :). You are amazing! Wait till Zara and the kids see it tomorrow! I'm really happy with the cake. I can't thank you enough. TQ.
Part II:
The kids love the cake so much. They really like the cupcakes and did not want us to cut the bigger cake with the mermaid and dolphin

I spent hours doing Barbie and dusted her clothes and tail.

Love this little cutie cute octopus :)

A side view to see the star fish and colourful corals.

Back view.

Her skirt was dusted with yellow lustre dust.

Close-up of the cuppies.

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