Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jungle Theme Cake - Aizul

When I first posted this design I received comments and enquiries for it. People just fall in love with the design. Honestly I didn't design the cake from scratch. It's a modification from another design sent to me by Danielle's mom.
I love the design too. But the artist in me will always bug me to do something different each time. Even though Intan asked for an exact replication I decided to make some little variations. Put all the 3, viz. Danielle, Khalish and Aizul and you'll notice the difference :D
1.5-recipe Moist Chocolate Cake frosted with chocolate ganache.
Customer's feedback:
We loved the moist & rich chocolate cake.. super yumm! And it was of course a very impressive looking cake to boot! A real crowd pleaser :) Thank YOU!

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