Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Cake Edwin & Debra

Debra started coming to me for cakes since December 2008 when she helped her brother to search for a cake designer to do a Noah's Ark cake for his 1-year old son, Jonathan's birthday. Since then she had been coming back for more cakes. It was great news knowing that she would be getting married in May 2010. We started discussing about the cake few months ahead.
I was so excited to be able to do her wedding. When her wedding date eventually clashed with a huge project I committed myself to undertake I decided not to disappoint them. I'm glad I did her wedding cake. I like this gorgeous result :)
Congratulations, Edwin & Debra!!
8-recipe Moist Chocolate Cake layered and frosted with chocolate ganache.
Customer's feedback: Thank you! Everybody loved it! My cousin from Japan said he has never eaten a chocolate cake which has made him come back for more and more. The J & A toppers were superb! Thank you!

Design modified from Lindy Smith's wonky celebration cakes.