Monday, June 14, 2010

Lilo & Stitch Cake - Trinny

I had a tough time making Lilo and her hula skirt. Looks simple but mine oh mine! It can kill ;(
I started making the coconut leaves first to let them dry and paint them. After fixing the tree 2 of the leaves broke twice!! Once few hours it was done and the other time the day after the tree was fixed on the cake.
As for Stitch, since it was my 2nd time making him it was not so bad as the first time. However, his long ears kept drooping. So, I had to take out the head and let the ears dry before fixing it back to the body 8P
3.5-recipe 6"x4" and 10"x3" Moist Chocolate Cake.

Check out Stitch's uneven sharp teeth 8-)

Tree painted with green food color and highlighted with gold dust.

Shell dusted with silver dust.

Dusted with bronze and highlighted with gold dusts.

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