Monday, May 3, 2010

Jungle Theme Cake - Khalish

When my son saw this cake and the Dora Cake he asked why so many waterfall. I said I was trying to create a different look for Khalish then Danielle's Jungle Theme Cake and I was trying to show how smart I was in doing waterfalls using different method :P
The waterfall on Dora Cake was done using crusting butter cream while this one was done with crusting butter cream and piping jelly.
2-recipe 7" and 8" Classic Vanilla Butter Cake.
Customer's Feedback: Thanks for the cake, even though it was ordered last minute but the cake was AWESOME!! and the taste was GREAT!!

Everybody enjoyed especially the kids. They are very excited with the deco and the most important is the birthday boy ie; my Khalish like it very much!!

It worth for the price that I have spent.

Like this lion. A pity I forgot to change the function of the camera for closeup. Tiger turned out very blur :(

Safari hat for Khalish.

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