Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dr Brenda's Baby Shower!!

Time flies again. I did Dr Brenda's wedding cake in October 2008 and now she's expecting a baby girl. Her sister ordered these for her baby shower party.
Single-recipe 6"x5" Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with gum paste decorations.
Design idea from Pink Cake Box.
Customer's feedback: Thanks so much for the lovely cupcakes. Everyone loved it! it tasted really good too. My friend, Jehan, liked it so much, she asked for your blog and ordered a birthday cake for herself from you (or so she told me!)
And for the cake, Brenda was very pleased with it of course :) although she did say it didn't really look like her..hehe but it tasted good as well. The surprise baby shower was a success and the cake was the centre attraction (besides the mother-to-be of course! hehe)
Well, 2 days later Brenda delivered a healthy baby girl. so all is well now.
Thanks again for the cakes. looking forward to more of your cakes.
Faith's comment: Congratulations, Dr Brenda!!! I'm so glad to have the privilege to be able to keep in touch and 'follow' your development ;D

Since it was my first time doing a pregnant lady it was a struggle to get it right. It turned out pretty but my only regret is that the figurine looks a bit too fat to fit Dr Brenda's look. She is a beauty and I'm sure she looks great in her pregnant state ;p

Standard Souffle Vanilla Cupcakes as party favors.

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