Sunday, January 3, 2010

Magnetic Heart Wedding Cake

This cake was designed by the groom.
It looks simple but the gum paste heart on top gave me sleepless night. I was so worry that the 2 joint hearts would not stay on top of the cake or it would break. I did a spare!
The wedding was held at a church in Port Klang. Couldn't risk it falling off during the journey. So, I went with my delivery service provider to fix the topper on-site.
Customer's feedback:
Thanks so much for producing the cake for us. Some thoughts:
1. The icing was too sweet for most guests
2. The heart shape was crooked when it arrived (not aligned on the top of the cake) Don't know what went wrong since I personally placed the topper and ensure everything was alright before I left.
3. Cake was yummy anyways
We received a lot of comments that the cake was very pretty so a job well done overall.

Both of us re-arranged the flowers around the table to enhance the whole look. My delivery guy's years of experience in a florist shop came in handy.