Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elle Gift Box Cake

My house is currently under renovation with expected completion date of 10 Feb 2010. I stole some time here and there amidst all the chaos to do some orders while turning down many others, some with exciting designs...big sigh.....
Someone asked me why I have not been updating my blog lately. My answer is I've been messing with construction materials (or rather humans) and my CNY cookie orders. Amazed? Wondering how could I work with all the 'happenings'? Well, I worked in odd hours, wee hour in the morning like now, in between time and space (haha..), when the dust was not flying, mobile work space....Crazy? Yes, work passion driving me nuts, kahkahkah......
Back to this cake. Gary who works in Singapore ordered this cake for Elle. He wanted his present to be hidden in the cake but yet couldn't send the present to me beforehand since he is only flying back on the date itself. So, I came up with this idea of a gift box with removable lid/cover.
Forgot to take a photo with the lid open :-(
Basically, I carved a cavity in the cake and frosted and covered it with fondant. The gift together with it's box was inserted into the cavity when Gary picked up the cake ;-)
2-recipe Moist Chocolate Cake frosted with chocolate ganache and covered with fondant. Gum paste bows and decorations. Little rolled fondant roses highlighted with silver pearl dust.
Customer's feedback:
The cake tasted not too bad but the looks of the cake simply looked stunning ;) VIP loved it so much and I loved the idea of having something buried in a cake ;) Thanks for making the VIP a good day with a beautiful cake ;)

Da...da...I managed to get a copy of the photo with the lid off. Thanks to Elle.

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