Saturday, December 12, 2009

Granny Cooking Bday Cake

Debra also ordered this for her granny's birthday. She said granny likes apple green and she loves to cook for everybody. Granny likes to wear saree or sarong with floral blouse. Saree too challenging for me this week. I settled for sarong with floral blouse ;p
So, here we go - a cake with granny cooking but this time it's for granny. Yeah! Happy birthday Grandma!!!
1.5-recipe Classic Vanilla Butter Cake with gumpaste decorations.
Customer's Feedback:Jz wanted to tell you that the cakes were amazing. Everyoone in Ipoh were so impressed with your work! The cake was so delicious! The buttercake was just perfect and the chocolate cake (the Anniversary Cake (daisies) posted earlier than this post) was mouth watering!!!!! Everyone finished every bit of it. Even little granny and the table top were eaten by the children!!! Thank you so much for coming up with this and God bless you with more fantastic and superb ideas!!!

I forgot to shoot from behind. There's cabinet doors and drawers there :-(

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