Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chinese Theme Wedding Cake - Theresa

Theresa was attracted to the cute figurines for the Chinese Theme Wedding Cake done for Danielle's cousin months ago. She wanted something similar and traditional for her cake. This is what I came out with.
The design of the cake was inspired by Theresa's wedding invitation card which she emailed to me, all the way from Singapore!
Customer's feedback: Hi Faith, the cake looks fabulous! Everyone commented on it. Taste very nice and buttery. Thanks so much! :o)

I took my sweet time and spent hours making the figurines while enjoying the whole process. The end result is really satisfying =D I still enjoyed looking at them while they stood in my house, waiting to be delivered tomorrow.

Seen this head cover/scarf before? Seen this many times in Chinese movies where the bride sits in the newly-weds' room waiting for the groom to come in and lift the head cover? 8D
This one has it half open so that you can see her pretty made-up face, hehe...
Back view for more details.

The double-happiness design is 4-sided.

This is the result of my latest expensive tool collection, a fiber glass impression rolling pin. Boy, it is really costly!!!

4.5-recipe 6" and 10" square Moist Chocolate Cake, filled with chocolate ganache, frosted with butter cream and covered with fondant. Gumpaste figurines, flowers and decorations.
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