Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stitch Cake

Can't call this cake allergy free since some can also be allergic to gluten. This is the dairy-free egg-free chocolate cake frosted with dairy-free chocolate butter cream.
1.5 recipes baked in 6" and 8" pans.
Stitch is a torture to make. Could feel my stress mounting while doing his claws and teeth.
Hope Jayden is excited to see this cake.
Customer's feedback:
The cake is awesome.. Adults admire it, Kids love it!! Everyone was taking pictures and it lasted for abt an hour!! My MIL doesn't like cake and can't believe she likes the cake.. And she kept on asking me how u bake it so nicely.. I was like how would I know?? :P

Another new discovery, found it last nite! :P I put the cake in the freezer.. The frozen texture is soft enough to spoon... and it tastes like 'cookies n cream' ice cream (i think it's taste better if got fresh cream!!!). :)

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