Thursday, November 19, 2009

Computer Keyboard Cake

Computer Keyboard Cake for 5 birthday boys from Fujitsu.
2-recipe Moist Chocolate Cake layered and frosted with chocolate ganache.
Guys/gals, if you find the fondant is just too sweet for your teeth, discard it and enjoy the cake with the yummy ganache inside ;o)
Customer's feedback:
some said:

1) delicious even the white layer not that sweet
2) said the chocolate a bit oily
3) the chocolate very rich
4) the chocolate just nice, very delicious
5) designed very unique
6) even asked for your contact and website :)
mostly good comments.
thanks and keep it up :)

Textured 'Happy Birthday'.

3 of the birthday boys.

1 more here and 1 more at the opposite end, "Faisal". Happy BIGday to all of you =D