Monday, October 19, 2009

Mavis's Wedding Cake

Mavis is marrying a tall, dark and handsome Spanish from Tarragona. They are having a cozy wedding lunch this afternoon. The groom is a DJ. So, Mavis requested for DJ related stuff like a small vinyl deck, some cute little vinyls and headphone. She also requested for a Tarragona flag to represent the country of origin of the groom. She would be dressed in a small little wedding dress which I did here ;o)
I like this cake and love the colors.
8" round single-recipe American Chocolate Cake frosted and layered with chocolate ganache. Fondant and gumpaste figurines.....Flag is hand-painted.
Customer's feedback:
It's very nice and delicious. The groom loved the flag and the DJ gadgets. They looked very real.
It's a joy to do this cake. Though it is small but so meaningful. I feel the happiness as well