Monday, October 26, 2009

Eggless Dairy Free Cake

Rachel was introduced to me by a friend. Her son is allergic to egg and dairy products. She had been hunting for a baker who can bake 'allergy free' cakes. Honestly, I was very reluctant to venture into this category because it involved time for R&D and I was hard pressed for time....time to do orders...check stocks...replenish stocks....catch up with piled-up lists of 'to-dos'...and..time to rest, haha...
However, due to her persistence and my friend's persuasion I finally gave in and did my search for a recipe that is chocolaty but eggless and milkless and butterless.....sigh... The result was surprisingly good, both in cake volume and taste!
This is how it looked before frosting.

Since it's just a test case and Rachel said it was just for 'makan-makan' among friends I decided not to cut off the dome (as normally practice to get a nice flat top) and frosted it with a simple dairy-free 'chocolate buttercream'.
Customer's feedback:
Other than too much icing, the cake taste great! It's better than I expect. Superb! TQ.
Faith's response: too much icing because I didn't slice off the dome but I made a flat top with those Xtra icing. Too much cake crumbs at home ;o)

The cake can be decorated with fondant which is also dairy and egg free.