Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aida Ismail's Big Day

My loyal customer and fan/friend now, Aida Ismail is getting married in Kajang today. Congratulations, Izam and Aida!
'Hantaran' from Izam to Aida. Aida fell in love with the Devil Food cupcakes and requested her 'Hantaran' cake to be of the same flavor. The cake is sandwiched and frosted with chocolate ganache.

'Hantaran' mini tier cakes from Aida to Izam.
Flavor: Butter Choc Chip
Customer's Feedback: what can i say... u've done it again! splendid! marvelous!
love the mini tier cakes!

Favor for the VIP table.
Small souffle vanilla butter cupcakes.
Customer's feedback: My auntie (who sat next to me at the main table) said the VIP cupcake favor tastes perfect. The texture is also light, spongy n moist. nice!
At 1st she also thot the red rose is very sweet, yet it's not.
It's made out of flour, is it not? This one is a store-bought item. So, I don't know their secret ingredient wor, haha....
I didn't taste the cupcake coz a friend of mine adored it & asked me if she could have 1 for her daughter. So i gave mine.
But i'm sure it tastes great since i've heard compliments on the cupcake.

The wedding cake. Design including the figurines inspired by AB Fab Cakes of Australia. The unsmoothen look is one of the styles used by some Australian cake designers.
Size: 6" and 12" squares; 4 recipes
Flavor: Classic Vanilla Butter Cake and Devil's Food Cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache and strawberry slices...yum..yum.... Cake frosted with crusting buttercream.
Customer's feedback:
The wedding cake is soooo gorgeous! many took pictures of & with the cake during the reception event.

I found the cake texture is less spongy, more densed & the cake was a lil bit dry this time.
maybe it's becoz the cake is huge.

No nose wide smile figurines. Another cute version.

See what a professional photographer can make a big big difference ;o)
This photo was taken by Avicenna Studio