Friday, September 18, 2009

Raya Upin Ipin Hampers/Cupcakes

After I posted the Raya Cupcake design Set 1 and Set 2 last month, I asked Aida Ismail, one of my loyal customer whether she has any idea for other designs relating Aidilfitri. She suggested a lot of idea and 'Upin Ipin' is one of them. I had never heard of 'Upin Ipin' and I googled and watched few episodes on YouTube and found them really cute and local. However, to do their faces on cupcakes would be a no no due to the festive orders.
So, when I saw these cool icing images at one of the bakery supply shops, I quickly 'sapu' (grabbed) all of them without even having an order for these cupcakes.
When I received an order for hampers I told my customer of the idea of using the 'Upin Ipin' cupcake icing images. She was excited. So, these pretty fellas went into her hampers :o)

The 'Selamat Hari Raya....etc...' icing images came later.

Like this cool basket with a lid. Anyone who received the hamper can put the pretty basket in good use.

I, with 2 helpers raced against time to complete the hampers before the appointed collection time. Halfway through the whole lot of 50 hampers my arms and hands were already shaken from exerting too much strength in the taping, wrapping and tying process.
Thank God the customer liked them :o)

3 mini containers of 3 types of cookies plus 2 Standard Souffle Cupcakes (Coffee and Orange flavor) with fondant and edibile icing images.
Note: Hampers are designed and packed according to budget.